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The Law of Attraction Mums Expanding Confidence Program helps you tune into mindfulness: the thoughts you listen and words you say that guide you in your day. 

This program ensures you take the time to look after you. To look within, try new mindfulness techniques, and use proven tools and empowerment strategies based on sound, affirmations, vision, vulnerability, purposeful action, and the Law of Attraction. 

Why? Because it's time for you to embrace your inner power, gain confidence, and take action to change your life for the better.  

My Story

After I ended my Creative Project Process Manager and Senior Copywriter contract to spend my days as a mummy, I wondered if I’d ever have colleagues, team, mentors, customer database and an income of my own, ever again. 

10 years of direct marketing, exceptional IT support team, guru Creatives and Marketing Strategists, regular opportunities to stretch my creativity muscles and an income and lifestyle anyone would envy... plus regular out of office leading digital marketing training... I thought... where else am I going to EVER find this kind of success again? As if it’ll ever happen where I can ALSO work from home? 

I wasn’t asking for much right? I just wanted working timeframes I could choose, activewear instead of office clothes, a full equipped kitchen where I worked, to not have to turn off my mobile phone (or sneak in texts when the big boss isn’t looking), my baby in my arms ... you get the picture.

I found everything I desired and am now in my 10th year of staying at home with my 3 children. Let me SHOW YOU the techniques I used to help the Law of Attraction work for me so I could share MY dream life with my husband. 


My whole career I've been about speaking directly to customers and connecting them with what drives them, and helping them recognise action can take. For 10 years I was responsible with an internationally recognised team of copywriters and designers for distributing a famous Australian opportunity product. A few people did a lot of work! Now I represent a famous leading nutritional product that is improving the health of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide - to the opposite model. A lot of people do a little work! We are purposeful in helping women to see themselves as eligible, capable and powerful. Our community is intentional, international, and it is also world-class.

I am proud that my workplace experience and professional skill development is able to support my work in guiding mums to their innermost belief systems to help them ditch bad thoughts and embrace mind-shifts that will drive them forward. Together we know that self-discovery can be both challenging and the greatest work of our lives.

the law of attraction says you can have it all

Wellness Goals and Accountability Partner

Yoga, Pilates, Spinal Stretch, and At-home Workouts

Yoga, Pilates, Spinal Stretch, and At-home Workouts


I've partnered with an international health food company and incredible online support program called the Tribal Wellness Movement, which you can access 24/7. We work with you to identify where you are at, what you want to change, and support you every step of the way with great nutritionals, vocabulary & attitude coaching, recipes, lifestyle tips and likeminded friends.

Yoga, Pilates, Spinal Stretch, and At-home Workouts

Yoga, Pilates, Spinal Stretch, and At-home Workouts

Yoga, Pilates, Spinal Stretch, and At-home Workouts


As a busy and attentive stay-at-home mum I've discovered the greatest method of looking after my own wellbeing is within my home in stolen moments. So I love that our program includes free online tutorials in pilates, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, at-home workouts, spinal stretch, and health webinars, many of which are able to help you in just 15-45 minutes per day.

Meditation Guide and Mindset Module Course

Meditation Guide and Mindset Module Course

Meditation Guide and Mindset Module Course


I developed the Attraction Woman Expanding Confidence Program to support you on the harder days when you feel lost, depressed, unsupported, abandoned, lonely or just out of focus. With the journal you can remind yourself where you want to be and take immediate steps to correct the sound imbalance in your mind. 

While taking this program you may find that you feel more optimistic and capable and confident. You will also have free 15 minute meditations to listen to, and the option to book a session with me to clarify your mental shifts, at the completion of each module.

Results Community

Meditation Guide and Mindset Module Course

Meditation Guide and Mindset Module Course


Our Tribal Wellness results community is a private place for you to search any issue - such as skin rashes, acne, eczema, asthma, weight loss, depression, anxiety, lethargy, fluid retention, and so much more - to find stories of how thousands of people around the world are overcoming these issues within our program using our nutritionals and guided by our wellness philosophies. I will send you the Tribal Wellness booklet in the mail for free, which includes guiding principles for your improving lifestyle, as well as recipes and a shopping list (plus much more). I will also mentor you in taking note of what issues you currently have and tracking your improvements over time. 


Mums really can have it all. Are you ready to say goodbye to self-limiting stories and walk forward new with confidence, clarity, and a new source of income? We are partnered with the Empowered Women's Project to show mums how they can create an income on their own terms while developing their confidence, health and sexiness at the same time! Learn more about Empowered Women's Project - the most supported and friendliest business community in the world. Enter your email to have a chat.

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How to use the Law of Attraction is something we practice, not preach. Learn from an environment of positive women who live their philosophies.