Winter Meditation and Yoga the Super Comfy Way

You may have seen the GAIA advertisement pop up in your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. I cannot recommend the GAIA app highly enough !! It has become an integral support for me, and I can practice yoga/meditation for 15-20 minutes a day several times per day. My kids are watching and learning about bodies, anatomy & health & meditation as I set up my mat nearby to them, in the sunshine during the day, or in a warm bedroom at night.  The gentle stretches and meditations deal with releasing, re-opening the circulatory energy, to release toxins.

I even noticed within a few days, loss of lymphatic fluid (looked like I lost 2kg), clearing of sinuses, a significant improvement in my ability to reach and stretch – my mobility throughout the day, greater ease in falling asleep, and muscle tone re-appear when I thought it was AWOL forever 🤣

I’d ❤ for you to have a go, include it into your daily health rituals, ESPECIALLY now we are in a cold Winter. Beginning of Winter, it’s an important time to re-evaluate priorities, let go of what will not serve your holistic self over Winter, start filling your body with warmth, love and self-nurturing, warm your home, cuddle up with family, and let go of toxins and cleanse your mind and body through diet, and movement.

Joanna Becker, Author and Wellness Medium


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