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Yesterday I wrote a list of 41 Short and Sweet result-based reasons to homeschool (read here).

An issue that faces all of us at some stage – is witnessing children and parents who feel powerless. Think about children feeling powerless, and growing up into adults who believe they are powerless.

Feelings of powerlessness look like:

⁃ resignation

⁃ Stress

⁃ Reactive

⁃ Anxiety

⁃ Sadness

⁃ Listlessness

⁃ Numbness of emotions

⁃ Low self esteem

⁃ Judge & Criticize others

⁃ Failure to commit

⁃ Lack of discipline

⁃ Pessimism

⁃ Health complaints

⁃ Resentment

⁃ Lack of self-care

⁃ No ambition

Amazingly a story reflecting this very sentiment popped up in my Facebook feed today. A good friend, who decided to homeschool starting today, for results so similar to what I mentioned yesterday.

This is his story – his Why for switching to homeschooling.

Day 1 of home schooling 😝It’s funny the looks you get when we say we are home schooling 🤔We first chose this model out of necessity for our eldest. He just does not fit the classroom system 🤯 He is so creative, intuitive, wise and a beautiful soul. But we were watching the light 💡 dim in him and become angry and frustrated. When I decided to keep him at home we spoke to many amazing friends who had already chosen this path. And it struck me 💥I teach people how to find their highest values – do those things because it lights them up, it forms their purpose, when you are living an inspired life – it inspires others and it becomes your mission. A man or a women on a mission is adding more value to more people more often. And as a natural universal law – the value is returned to them. Their self worth grows and naturally their net worth grows and they have more money than they could have dreamed. Yet – the people I care for and cherish the most – my children – I was not doing that 😱The shift in energy in our family – the confidence – the countless magic moments already has been extraordinary. To be in a position where I have the time to pour into my family is priceless 🙌🏼And consequently it has become part of my mission. I am here to free the masses. To find and inspire people to live in alignment with their values. To show them how to monetise that passion so they get to do more of the things they love. In turn – when parents are showing their children they can be and do anything, rather than just telling them – it gives them permission to do the same. It’s time to break the cycle peeps. In August I will be mentoring for free – a handful of people how to create the life they truly desire – to start thriving, not just surviving. I have a little info webinar Wednesday eve to learn more. Reach out if you are curious – what if?

As it turns out, I’m working with this particular friend to help others free themselves so they too can do what they feel is best, and right, for their children. If this strikes a chord with you? You can reach out to me (or us) and we can have a chat to see what possibilities can come to life.

Joanna Becker, Australian Author

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