January Horoscope for Authors & Self Publishers

This month there is an opportunity to continue developing the concept and storyline of a novel that you have been dreaming about in your quiet time, but haven’t seen a possible way to work on.

You need to trust that there is always a time for you to pursue your creative dreams and ventures, and this month is as good as any. 

There is truly no correct time to start and finish a project, except the time that you decide to take action. Why wait?

This is the month for you to say “yes” to looking after yourself, in all matters – that is health, home, friendships, relationships, career, creativity and spirituality. Writing is a perfect way to recognise what is meaningful to you.

So don’t ignore the pull to write this month, and to finalise what has been lingering in the background for months or even years.

Honour your intentions and show the universe that you have the capability to follow-through. The universe will reward you with more opportunities and invitations that are in alignment with your dream, because it will become very apparent that you are more than capable of completing what you have put your hand up for.

Congratulations on showing up to yourself this month, and for the months of the past year. You are where you are because you put your vision ahead of your current predicament, you trusted that all would be incredibly fulfilling, and you went within and felt what needed to be felt, to be able to clear baggage and old beliefs. This is why you are now ready to complete your work.

So don’t delay, begin your writing and continue until you complete.

You will be respected and admired for your clarity and determination.

January - Garnet

Garnet is your crystal for January and will be an empowering crystal for you to be close to. It is the stone of health, circulation, self-care, self-respect, and is fulfilling towards your purpose. You will need to have Garnet with you on your body as well as in your workspace when you write.

You may have found recently that your circulation in your body is not “as you used to have it”. This is a sign that you are simply needing the assistance of a crystal, and your mindset training, to continue projects and keep writing ventures in circulation.

When you keep your dreams and corresponding actions in circulation, your body will rest into blissful peace and health.

Garnet thus is your stone for embracing a culture of circulation and flow and carry-through to completion.

This month is your month for making movement healthful, cleansing, and extremely fluid with your overall values in life.

– ArchAngel Gabrielle –– (via, Joanna Becker) –

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Joanna Becker was a professional Copywriter, Creative Process Project Manager and Creative Team trainer. Between 2001 and 2010, Joanna was employed at one of Australia’s largest and most successful international direct mail marketing companies in Queensland’s sunny tourism city, the Gold Coast, overseeing campaign roll-out to over 26 countries in 6 languages. She was a key member in the Marketing Communications Team for their client Mater Prize Homes as well as the not-for-profit organisations Variety: The Children’s Charity, Cancer Council NT, the RSPCA, and the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA).

After 2010, Joanna independently supported not-for-profit organisations with copywriting and marketing communications or strategy including ADMA, and Little Souls. Her work with business clients including Happy Swimmers enabled them to brand and professionally launch their global business service. She then authored and independently published the children’s book, Dusty’s Wonder Bug, with accompanying musical CD, as well as the biography and How-To guides for parents: Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food and 33 Ways To Have A Fun Birth. She then released another fascinating children’s book, Max’s Bright Fly. She supported women through pregnancy and early parenting with an online presence, guest-presentations and in guiding meditation.

A long-term student of life, meditation, metaphysics, nutrition and holistic wellness counselling, Joanna continues her work writing and publishing creative holistic wellness books and providing holistic marketing support to women starting businesses.

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