February Horoscope


Aquarius is a systematic, flowing, lighthearted, energy and you are urged to go with the flow and take one step at a time, even if your ego (mind) rejects this idea. It is only for a few weeks, after all! See where the energy (of trust, enjoyment, cooperation, and following through on your plan by allowing it to unfold as you have written down on your to-do list) can take you. There is time for adding new items to the to-do list, but for now, go with the flow and keep methodically working through, and progressing, with your tasks that you have already brainstormed. Enjoy the achievement! Flow, surrender, move freely, don’t force, but simply allow the energy to keep you flowing, moving effortlessly, taking you from one place to the next. Don’t dwell on any particular whereabouts as it will continue to change, just enjoy the scenery for the moment and continue to flow!


Look at where you are at, where you are with your body. Present, breathe in the air, take in the unique sights. This moment is temporary. It is enjoyable. Let go of any thoughts of other places, other moments right now. Enjoy this beautiful moment.


End any concerns that you have about your children. Any worries, any criticisms, any expectations, any doubts and fears. Let go of any words you are saying in which you are showing your doubt or fear, or that you or your children are not enough. Move to a place of acceptance, let yourself believe that you are all enough, now. And, that you are all incredible, now. Now is the moment of power, where you become who you will be. Bring your confidence, energy, light, and inspiration into the now moment.

Home Business

Hear these words and enjoy what they mean. Your business is but a tool to flow income through you and to flow energies through you, in order to bring to your awareness your lessons, your beliefs, your fears, your doubts. And it is in these lessons, fears, doubts, that you will become able to prosper in yourself. If you take these moments and ask yourself, ‘what is this showing to me about my innermost beliefs?’ Anything else, is just a story.


You need to laugh more! You are always worrying, concerned, looking for what is wrong, what is unsafe. Open up your eyes to the wonder and glory of where you are, who you are with, what you have created and laugh! Laugh! Expect the best in this moment. Expect it to be free, because you are free. You can laugh. There is no jail except for the thought that you are not safe, and that you cannot enjoy because you are not enough. So, step out of this jail, you are not there, and laugh. Laughter is freedom.


This week, as it comes to a close, I would like you to think about your posture. Your posture, not only affects your muscles, your level of pain in your body, your level of comfort in your body, but it also represents who you are, and what you believe about your life. If your posture is strong and tall, comfortable and with ease, this shows you that your life is strong, tall, comfortable and with ease. If your posture is rounded, slumped, cramped, uninspiring, and painful, then so will be your life – rounded, uninspired, painful, cramped. If your posture is relaxed and yet at times you feel pain, for some unknown reason, this is showing that overall you are relaxed but at some times you feel great pain, and you cannot understand why. And so it is at these times that when you are in pain that you are asked, why you may choose to feel pain in this moment? Because pain is a choice. WHY would you choose pain? You can say, outwardly to yourself and to the universe:

“I do not want pain in my life. I do not want to experience pain no matter what somebody says to me, or what experience eventuates, where I find myself. It will not be painful, it will be comfortable, easy, and I will not feel guilt for this; I will feel pride. Because this is showing me that I am in full power. Yes. As the powerhouse of my being, I can decide to feel every circumstance with ease, grace, happiness, joy, comfort, and incredible pride.”

Full Moon Awareness

Full moon in February is on Wednesday, February 20. Nearing this time and date you may feel the urge to close yourself away and take stock of what you have experienced, and the sights you have seen, the progress you have made, in the last few weeks. Do not push yourself to work harder over the full moon. It is important to allow yourself the recognition of your past actions and experiences to bring you to the present moment. If you have been invited somewhere, politely accept if it is an opportunity to meditate or rest or be present in nature, and politely decline if it is a hurried environment full of pressure and action and noise.

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