March Horoscope

Reading for PISCES in MARCH

As channelled, typed automatically, by Joanna Becker for “Myste” (pronounced Misty)

Pisces is cyclic in nature. It asks that you recognise that, “as so has been in the past, will be again in the future – if you so let it”. So review your past attitudes, beliefs, actions, thoughts and vocabulary. Cyclic nature will bring them back around to you if you desire them to be present in your life. However if you are in a place where you feel there is not enough alignment with your priorities and goals and visions, then change the pattern, simply! This is what we mean when we say that everlasting life is cycling in a forward-progressing spiral. You can change the pattern at any time, slightly or a lot. Pisces is the month when all your past comes back to begin again, and so choose now what you would like to change. Beliefs? Thoughts? Words? Actions? It’s up to you!


This week: be excited because everyday is a new opportunity to grow yourself in your body. Think about all the minuscule parts of your body such as the tastebuds on your tongue, such as the hairs on your fingertips, and how they grow even without your awareness let alone your control. And this week if you can focus on this natural occurrence, you will find that more events in your life begin to unfold in a healthy way, naturally, because you are invested in trust in the process of life. So, if you have any questions about your health, bring your awareness to those minuscule details, and let your awareness of this area and your wonderment at the miracle that is growth expand into the larger, wider aspects of your entire body, particularly the organ which you are concerned with. And you will be able to watch this expand out further into your relationships, and your environment. As you trust it will heal, it will expand, and more will heal.


Children: they are the teachers are they not? Cannot we learn from their fresh outlook in life which is unbiased, unchanged from the wonder they had when they first came into the world, heard your voice, began to see, begin to experience the sensation of touch, smells, warmth. Children are free until we teach them they are not free. And so, this week enjoy observing children. Do not try to control them. Allow them to be their full expressions, trust they are safe, which they are, and observe how clever, how creative, how trusting, how observant, how skilled, and how much awe they have for the world around them. Their ability to zero-in on their interest and employ their hands and their feet to do exactly what they are imagining. To be present. This week watch your children and observe. You do not need to know why. Just enjoy it. Because as the weeks unfold it will benefit you and your children in ways that you cannot see, but will become apparent to you soon.

Home Business

Remember what you think you create. If you feel there is lack or concern or fears, then so you will create events that validate this fear for you. If you imagine prosperity, abundance, enjoyment, fulfilment, then you will create physical reality to match those imaginings. The power is in your control in your mind. This is where people are misunderstood. They feel like they need to control other people and other events. This is not so. The control and the taming is in one’s own mind. To control one’s own thoughts. Once they have mastered their thoughts, their outside environment is a mirror: it reflects everything that is happening on the inside. This is the simple, simple truth. Use it to your advantage in your business by expressing words that allow your physical reality to mirror a positive outlook on the inside.


The recipe of happiness is already written. Happiness is as happiness does. If you go about your day and your night, anytime, with a happy heart, the actual event will become a happy one. Happiness is in the eye of the beholder. You could go to any place with any person with any kind of resource. If you are unhappy, miserable, critical, judgemental, any kind of negative emotion, you will experience the place and the event and the people as exactly that. Your only task is to go places knowing your responsibility to turn up happy. How do you be happy in your heart? Very simple. You smile. Your smile transfers happiness into all the cells in your body. So even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyway, and by doing it, your body will respond and will create an easier smile. And then your outside world will become happier because you have chosen a happy outlook. So simply: smile. This is all.


March already. And almost one quarter through a brand new year. Your goals for this year were incomplete. Only because you forgot to mention your mood. How will your mood improve during the year? Most people do not even question their mood when they look at their goals for the year. They think of all everything physical. What is this obsession with everything physical? I will have this, I will buy this, I will take a trip to this place on this plane or train. But you don’t think much of your level of happiness. Yes it is just like the young child who grows up and says “why must I be someone, or do something? Why can’t I just be my SELF and FEEL happy?” This is why we need to edit your goals for this year and write in what mood you would like to have in April, May, June, so on all the way through to December. Would you like to be improving your mood? Would you like to have the ultimate fulfilment immediately? Are you afraid to be happy? Can you write down, “I wish to be happy from this moment onwards.” If not, why not? Write it down in your journal. Why don’t you want to be happy yet? Why are you holding off? When you are finished this exercise you will have a much better idea as to what you are projecting out into your reality. Because you may work hard thinking, “I will work hard then I can buy this and that”. But if your inner world is saying, “I don’t want to be happy because it means <something>”, then it is pulling and pushing at the same time. It cannot create happiness. When you are ready to have happiness you will know because you will realise, “I only have one life. One life! This is it, I will grow. I started as a baby, I will die as an old person … if I’m lucky! Who knows what will happen in this next second, next minute, next day, next week.” One life! You are the creator of this one life. When you realise this, you will say, “If I can create it all myself, and if I only have this one opportunity, I decide to have happiness NOW.”

Full Moon Awareness

Full moon in March is on Thursday, March 21. Enjoy yourself in every small moment between now and then – and of course, after then as well! There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy relationships with your friends and family. There will also be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the scenery, and the experiences, and encounters with natures and animals. And to enjoy the spectacular sight of man-made creations, too! This time is a great time for letting yourself fully acknowledge how incredible this planet is! Do not worry about the woes of the world before the next full moon. For you, it’s important that you enjoy what’s around you. The more you enjoy it, the more it will be created, for you to enjoy more of it in the future.

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