Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food

Turn fussy, packet-food-loving and disempowered kids into real-food-admiring, empowered, enthusiastic kids. 

Read and take on board practical tips and real-life examples of ways to transform your home into a positive, conscious place where kids love to make their own food at home with real ingredients.

In “Teaching Our Kids How To Eat Real Food”, discover and adopt an awesome mindset and attitude that your kiddies can learn from you, and that changes your health and life.  You’re the hub of your family, so you understand how important it is to create an exciting attitude towards health. Could the simple and fun techniques Joanna Becker discovered and implemented using the Law of Attraction work for you, too?

This is what “real food” is: Food you understand. Food your kids understand. Prepared at home, no labels, no reading skills required!

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